Advocacy Artifact #3 Civil Air Patrol - Wright Brothers Award

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This is also an Award I received from the Civil Air Patrol when I was still in High School. The Wright Brother Award is given to individuals that have to meet requirements in fields of education, leadership, general advancement, and fitness. The education element pertains to learning and testing knowledge in emergency services and aeronautics. Leadership involves demonstration of leadership within the group and perform leadership classes to others proving academic understanding in leadership situations. General advancement pertains to the display and understanding of military function, uniforms, customs, and courtesies. Fitness is meeting the fitness requirements by the Air Force for corresponding height and weight. Meeting this bench mark meant a lot to not only myself but also to my family and friends. I at the time had spent a lot of time and dedication studying and spending my time trying to reach this goal for myself. It validated me not only in the things I could do if I set my mind to them but also a reason for my family and friends to be proud of me. One of the big requirements under leadership was the component of teaching classes in leadership. This is often done with groups of younger kids in the 12-14 range in the community. Some are there out of requirement while others are trying to gain an education in the subject matter. Either way, it provided a wonderful opportunity for me to connect to youth in the area that may or may not have experience with leadership in a light that is positive. There were often enough some kids there on a program to correct or curve behavior. The idea was to give them not only an opportunity to understand where leadership is coming from but that is could be achieved even in themselves.

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